Dear Classmates,
This is where we will post communications from the Reunion Committee. For now, HOLD THE DATE, September 16, 2017. In fact, HOLD THE WHOLE WEEKEND, September 14-16, 2017.
(You may need to refresh this page in order to see the latest postings. On a PC, hit your F5 function key at the top of your keyboard. With a Mac, hit Command-R to refresh.)
June 6, 2017

See the "Missing - Help Us" page to your left.

We have reorganized this page into two columns. On the left side are classmates for whom we have very little or no information. On the right side are classmates for whom we are fairly certain we have your correct address, and/or phone, and/or email, but you have not responded to our outreach.
We want to shrink both these columns. We would really like to have you confirm your current contact information so that we may remove you from these lists and ensure our communications reach you. Whether you plan to attend the reunion or not, please get in touch with us to update and verify your contact information. You can use the Contact Us page or email us at 
dhsreunion67@gmail.com .
For those concerned with confidentiality, the Classmates page on this site does not show contact information. The upcoming Reunion Book will show your contact information unless you notify us otherwise.


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