Our goal is to have an outstanding 50-year reunion and to have as many classmates as possible attend. Any donations above the ticket price will be used to help defray general reunion expenses, thus keeping our price lower and more affordable to all. Donations may also be used to help those classmates who otherwise might not be able to attend due to financial constraints.

Donations above and beyond the ticket price may be paid by check or on this secure site by credit card. Unfortunately, we incur fees if you pay by credit card. You do have the option of paying that fee yourself (
about 7%). Or, pay by check to avoid any fees.

Donation checks are payable to “DHS67Reunion50.” State your name, write "Donation" in the memo, and mail it to:

Gail Duberchin Baccetti
1266 Geneva National Ave. W.
Lake Geneva, WI  53147

In the unlikely event that we do better than break even, the excess funds will be used to host and maintain this website over the years. This website will then be a permanent, vital part of our Deerfield High School experience and memories for years to come. For this 50-year reunion, we are not using an outside company, as in past years. Our reunion committee is doing the work in order to save money. Our ongoing expense will be to retain and maintain this website for our class.

Let's all pitch in together to have the best reunion possible. We are doing our best to keep the ticket price reasonable and to break even on this event. If you can comfortably afford paying a little more, your donation is very much appreciated. Please help if you can. Thank you!
Many thanks to our first contributors, Jon Neumark, Bob Mittelman, and anonymous others, for their generous donations. Won’t you join them?

We are proud to say we have surpassed our original goal for donations, and we are grateful to everyone who contributed. However, we still welcome additional funds. We don’t know yet how many people might need financial assistance to be able to join us. Plus, if we have additional funds, we want to keep our website live after the reunion. We might also be able to upgrade our Main Event food choices to create an even better experience. Thanks in advance for whatever you can do to help us.

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