Here you will see four photo albums. They are "Previous Reunions," "Deerfield Now," "Photos You Submit," and "Our 50-Year Reunion Photos 2017." We hope you enjoy these photos and that they bring back many happy memories.

If you would like to submit your photos for use on the website, please send them to dhsreunion67@gmail.com as a jpg. Please include 1) your name, 2) the names of anyone in the photo, 3) the date of the photo, and 4) any information about the photo. If it is a small group photo or a photo of another individual, please get permission from the people in the photo prior to emailing it to us.

​Or, you may also simply click "Upload Your Photos" on this page.

We'd love to see informal shots from previous reunions, pictures of you with our classmates outside of the reunions, your family, etc. Due to space limitations, not all photos can be posted. Photos will be approved before they are posted.

​Photos in these four albums may be downloaded as you would any online photo.

20-year Reunion, 1987
20-year Reunion, 1987
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