Dear Classmates,
This is where we will post communications from the Reunion Committee. For now, HOLD THE DATE, September 16, 2017. In fact, HOLD THE WHOLE WEEKEND, September 14-16, 2017.
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November 16, 2017

Late Classmate Entry

Jim Ridges
Print Sales
Sagebrush Printing


I came to Red Oak for the 7th and 8th grades.  I was from L.A. and Harold Benson named me "Cool Guy from LA".  My name then was Dave McMurdie which was my middle name and my mean stepfather's last name.  I went back to my real name (Jim Ridges) my senior year (1967) at East High in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I remember looking at Bob Katz' Playboy Magazines because he told his mom they were "art".  I remember sitting next to Wendy Frankel in English class with the very wicked Mr. Temby!  I attended Jon Neumark's bar mitzvah.  Dave Berman played guitar and sang "Boom Ba Ba Boom Ba Ba Boom and Richmond is Their Tomb"  He also sat on top of Mr. Mcf...


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September 7, 2017

Saturday night bar

We wish to remind everyone that our Main Event will have a cash bar. You will first go to the cashier to purchase your drink ticket(s) and then to our event bartender. No credit cards will be accepted with this cashier.

The hotel bar is adjacent to our event. The hotel bar will be available to us for credit card purchases, adding the expense to your room, blender drinks, and specialty drinks. Bottoms up!


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September 6, 2017

Last Letter/Email Sent

Our last Reunion letter was emailed today. Please look at Letters & Emails to your left.


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August 25, 2017

Hotels - Our Blocks of Discounted Rooms

We know that most of you out-of-towners will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Deerfield, the Reunion hotel. But some of you may want to stay at the Marriott for your Marriott benefits. Our discounted rooms at the Marriott will be expiring on September 1, so hurry, and use the link in the Hotels section to your left.


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August 8, 2017

Letter #4 and Progress on Missing List

Our Letter #4 has now been sent. If we know your email address, you will receive it by email, along with a summary of events, and an updated Missing/Unconfirmed list. If we don't have your email address, we will send the same by U.S. mail.
If you do receive the next letter by U.S. mail, please let us know your email address, if you have one. Electronic communication is both faster and less expensive for us.
Also, see Letters & Emails to your left to download this Letter #4 and all of our previous communications as well.

Also, we are happy to say that we have made great progress on narrowing down our Missing/Unconfirmed list.  We are hearing from people daily through RSVP's, ticket purchases, and emails. We're on our way to an outstanding reunion!


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July 28, 2017

Third Letter; Website Hits; Finding People

By now, you should have received our third reunion letter. If we know your email address, you received the letter by email. If we do not know your email address, you received a hard copy in the mail. You can also download the letters by clicking Letters & Emails on your left. Whether you plan to attend the reunion or not, we save money on postage if we have your email address, so please keep us informed at dhsreunion67@gmail.com .
At this moment, we have 2,568 “hits” on our website. You can see the number of hits at the bottom of the Welcome page. Our hits went way up after each mailing, so the Reunion Committee thanks you for your interest and enthusiasm.
The Reunion Committee gets to toot its own horn every once in a while. We have now found a very large percentage of our c...


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July 22, 2017

More Sad News

We are sad to say that another of our classmates has lost his life. Mike Flint died on July 18 after a long illness.


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July 13, 2017

Sad News

Sadly, two of our classmates lost their lives recently in the same week. Please see the obituaries of Rozann Dane Spero and Mike Reilly on the In Memory page to your left. We also just learned of the death of Debbie Price and Julie Weithorn.
We plan to maintain this website over the years, so please let us know any news or updates that you have -- happy or sad.
We just sent out our third mailing/email. It’s also available to download on the Letters and Emails page to your left.


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June 6, 2017

See the "Missing - Help Us" page to your left.

We have reorganized this page into two columns. On the left side are classmates for whom we have very little or no information. On the right side are classmates for whom we are fairly certain we have your correct address, and/or phone, and/or email, but you have not responded to our outreach.
We want to shrink both these columns. We would really like to have you confirm your current contact information so that we may remove you from these lists and ensure our communications reach you. Whether you plan to attend the reunion or not, please get in touch with us to update and verify your contact information. You can use the Contact Us page or email us at 
dhsreunion67@gmail.com .
For those concerned with confidentiality, the Classmates page on this site does not show contact infor...


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May 12, 2017

Support and Assistance

We have been so fortunate to receive generous donations from classmates. These donations, in addition to supporting a great reunion, will help assist our classmates who are experiencing tough economic times. If finances are a problem for you, please remember that you can buy your ticket(s) at a reduced fee by mailing a check, rather than purchasing a ticket online. The suggested minimum is $50 per ticket, but please email us with any concerns. (dhsreunion67@gmail.com) All inquiries will be kept confidential.
Our mailing address is:
Gail Duberchin Baccetti
1266 Geneva National Ave. W.
Lake Geneva, WI  53147

Checks are payable to “DHS67Reunion50"


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May 9, 2017

Your Address/Your Email

If you only received our letters at your home address, it means we do not know your email address. If you only received our letters by email, it means we do not know your home address. We really would like both ways to communicate with you. Please complete your profile on the Classmates page, or use the Contact Us page, or email us at dhsreunion67@gmail.com.

We started our search to find people more than two years ago, so some information may already be out of date. Please keep us up to date, now and in the future.



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April 23, 2017

Second Reunion Letter

Our second Reunion letter, followed by an email, was sent out mid-April. You can see this letter by clicking on Letters & Emails on your left. Thanks to all for the great response. If you did not get this letter in the mail, it means we do not have your current address. In that case, please register on this site or email us at dhsreunion67@gmail.com.


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January 30, 2017

Reunion Book

We have added a section on the website regarding the Reunion Book. All attendees will receive the book. Click on the Reunion Book section to your left to see more.


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December 10, 2016

First Reunion Letter

Our first reunion letter was received by most on Dec. 6-7, and our website went live on Dec. 6. Our response has been fantastic. You can see our “Hits” count at the bottom of the Welcome page. Your reunion committee is so glad to see all the new registrations, to be able to take many of you off the Missing/Unconfirmed List, and to hear from so many at our email address, dhsreunion67@gmail.com. Great response! Please remember to check this Latest News and other pages regularly for updates.


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