Please take this interesting poll of our classmates. Your own answers will NOT appear on the website. Answers will be anonymous and will be aggregated as percentages. Only these percentages will be viewable on this site. Click on "Results" below to see the aggregated percentages. Check back over time as the response numbers grow. Totals will also be printed in our Reunion Book, again, without your individual responses. 
1) How would you describe your overall experience as a student at DHS?
It was the best time of my life.
It was mostly great.
There were ups and downs.
It was mostly a difficult time for me.
It was horrible.
2) How would you rate the education you received at DHS?
First-class education.
Most of my classes were good.
It was not all that great.
It left a lot to be desired.

3) How prepared, academically, did you feel for college, if you went?
Very prepared.
Somewhat prepared.
Not very prepared.
4) Did you find DHS to be cliquish?
Yes, very cliquish.
Probably about average for a high school.
Not too cliquish.

5) Was it easy for you to make friends at DHS?
It was very easy for me.
I did not have much trouble making friends.
It was a little difficult at times.
It was very difficult for me.
6) How aware were you about the "open housing" issue (to racially desegregate) in Deerfield?
I was very aware of this issue.
I was aware of this issue, but wasn't too concerned at the time.
I didn't pay much attention.
I'm not aware of/don't remember this issue.
I'm aware of this issue now, but wasn't at the time.

7) About how often did you go to downtown Chicago?
Once in a while.
Almost never.
8) Did your family attend church, temple, or religious school?
Yes, regularly.

9) How close are you now to friends from DHS?
Close and in frequent communication.
Occasionally communicate with DHS friends.
Rarely communicate with DHS friends.
I have not kept up with DHS friends.
10) How would you describe your political views now?
Very conservative.
Somewhat conservative.
Independent, sometimes lean right.
Independent, sometimes lean left.
Somewhat liberal.
Very liberal.