1. Can you provide a brief summary of reunion events?
Thursday, September 14, 6:30 p.m.
Junior High get-togethers at two different restaurants for Red Oak and Wilmot. Shepard did not have enough RSVPs for this event. Shepard students may attend the Red Oak or Wilmot event, if you'd like. You will be welcome!
Informal, plan on paying your own way.

Friday, September 15, 7:00 p.m.
Warehouse Eatery, 833 Deerfield Rd., Deerfield
Casual Night, plan on paying your own way.

Saturday, September 16, 10:30 a.m.
Guided tour of Deerfield High School
1959 N. Waukegan Rd, Deerfield
Check-in with the Hyatt Hotel if you plan to take the hotel van to the high school.

Saturday, September 16, 7:00 p.m.
The Main Event
Hyatt Regency Deerfield
1750 Lake Cook Rd., Deerfield
Dinner, music, conversation, and cash bar

Also, see Event Details on your left.
2. By what date do I need to commit and enter my payment?
There is no formal cutoff date, but for planning purposes (food, staff, photo name badges, gifts for class members, etc.), the sooner, the better.

Also, the discounted, blocked hotel rates will have a cutoff date at some point, so make your reservations early.

And, remember that you will get the best airline rates and the best rental car options if you decide early that you will be attending.
3. Will I enjoy the reunion by attending only the Saturday night "Main Event?”
You will enjoy the reunion no matter what event(s) you attend. However, there is something special about arriving for the first event and attending the subsequent events. You get into the rhythm of the festivities and better appreciate the whole reunion experience. Remember, there were 466 people in our class. By attending multiple events, you will have a better chance of connecting with more people and enriching your reunion experience.
4. I only attended DHS for a year (or two or three), or I did not graduate with the class -- can I still come to the reunion?
Most definitely. All are considered classmates and all are welcome. Please come.
5. Should my spouse/signifcant other come to the reunion?
That is up to you and her/him. While your guest is most welcome, many people will come solo and should feel comfortable doing so.
6. What is the dress code?
Although we’re beyond dress codes, given past reunions, most people will tend to dress casually for Thursday and Friday evenings and will dress up a bit more for Saturday evening.
7. Will there be a memorabilia table?
Yes, definitely. Please bring old photos and other memorabilia. You may want to bring a scanned copy of your photos so that you can preserve your original.
8. Can I volunteer to help on the night of the main event?
Yes! We will need people to staff the entry reception/name badge table, people to set up decorations in the hotel before the main event, and people to organize the Memorabilia table. If you can help, please email us at dhsreunion67@gmail.com. Thanks!
9. In the Comments section of my Classmate profile, it says I am limited to 125 words. That’s quite a condensation of 50 years! Why the limit?
While this website will allow for unlimited text in the Comments section, when we use software to create our Reunion Book, we will be limited to 125 words of text. If you go over that amount of text, we will have to edit your entry. If you first put your Comments into Microsoft Word, you will see the word count on the lower left of your screen.
10. If I buy a ticket now and later find that I'm unable to attend, can I get a refund?
We hope that doesn't happen, but if it does, you can get a refund.
11. I live almost an hour away from Deerfield – I don't like the idea of driving round-trip each day – any suggestions?
Yes, treat yourself to a vacation -- book yourself into one of the local hotels or stay with a friend or relative. You will have a much better time and avoid drinking & driving. Consider the following: There are class members who are coming from California, and they are booking a hotel room. Why not do the same for yourself? You deserve it. Save money and share a room with an old friend.
12. If I should need to change my RSVP for any of the events, how would I do that? My guest may change their mind one way or the other.
Once you are logged in, you would go to the RSVP page, select the event (Junior High evening, Friday casual night, or the Main Event), and change the number of people for that event, say from 2 to 1. You will see the option to add a person as well. You may need to do this for each event.
13. How will you communicate with me from now until the reunion? How can I communicate with the reunion committee?
This website will be our main method of communications. We will mail (USPS) a limited number of letters and will periodically email you with updates. Please be sure your email address is in your registration profile (on the Classmates page -- it can be edited at any time).

Also, please see the Message Board feature on your left. This monitored messaging will let you post messages to classmates. Share your thoughts on the upcoming Reunion or just say hello. You will need your reunion website user name and password to participate in the Message Board.

If you wish to send a direct email to your reunion committee, send to dhsreunion67@gmail.com.

You will hear from us, and we hope to hear from you.
14. How secure is the personal payment information I enter when purchasing tickets on this site?

Our website host states:  Myevent.com is scanned on a quarterly basis by Securitymetrics.com to verify that we meet the requirements of the PCI Data Security Standard. This is a credit card industry standard for security ensuring that companies meet strict standards for server security and for handling of credit card information. We encrypt all credit card information using Verisign Security certificates, as can be verified by clicking on the lock on the browser (In Internet Explorer, this is at the top of the browser, next to the address bar) showing our secure certificate information from Verisign.

We've also been verified by TrustE, a privacy standards organization that ensures that companies follow best practices for ensuring the privacy of our users. As verified by TrustE, we do everything possible to ensure the privacy of client information and we do not give our client information to third-parties unless a client actually tells us to do so.